Angleterre - she's back

With careful planning based on inside information from an individual known as "The Ulsterman" (named as Patrick McKenna in 2014), the robbers escaped with over £ million (equivalent to £50 million today). The bulk of the stolen money was never recovered. Though the gang did not use any firearms, Jack Mills , the train driver, was beaten over the head with a metal bar. Mills' injuries were severe enough to end his career.

Two portraiture traditions had arisen in the Tudor court since the days of Elizabeth's father, Henry VIII . The portrait miniature developed from the illuminated manuscript tradition. These small personal images were almost invariably painted from life over the space of a few days in watercolours on vellum stiffened by being glued to a playing card . Panel paintings in oils on prepared wood surfaces were based on preparatory drawings and were usually executed at life size, as were oil paintings on canvas.

Angleterre - She's BackAngleterre - She's BackAngleterre - She's BackAngleterre - She's Back