Jeff steinberg - no turning back

Jeff Steinberg Ministry Team, Orlando, Florida. likes. Jeff Steinberg wants you to know that, ... Jeff Steinberg has no arms or hands & mal-formed legs, ...

  So, the album opens with amazing track “ Alive and Living ” – it stands out as a pretty good track, Jeff sings about how y’all should be happy about being alive, and how it’ll be even greater when Jesus comes back again. Next up is “ The Christian Way ” which is another great track, about living the Christian Way and yea, I like it. Then comes “ I’m Never Goin’ Back Again ” – and to say the least, this song, is one that is like, the one that makes me never want to go back to not liking different types of music and being one of the Faith. Then comes “ I Came Here to Stay ” which not only showcases Jeff’s amazing God-given talent, but choice of songs show his faith too! It’s a good song with tons of Bible references! So, the A-Side closes with “ All He Asked For (Was Love) ” – it’s a slow song, but Jeff still delivers it beautifully.

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Jeff Steinberg - No Turning BackJeff Steinberg - No Turning BackJeff Steinberg - No Turning BackJeff Steinberg - No Turning Back